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25 Best Edible Plants To Grow In Containers And Pots

by Joyce

If you live in an apartment or a narrow house that doesn’t allow you to create a comfortable large garden, and you desperately need a green zone after breathing enough polluted air in the city, then you should consider which is the best way to grow plants on your balcony or inside your house. We’re here to help you with that by suggesting some kinds of edible vegetables that suit pots and containers perfectly.

Instead of planting them in the garden, you can put them on the table, or let them grow naturally on your balcony or any space that is not too large but still meets your demands. As these plants will still have a high yield even when grown in a limited space, you don’t have to worry about whether your room is spacious enough.

Now it’s time to check out your favorite vegetable list. Choose one and be ready to involve yourself in gardening!

#1. Basil

Source: penguinsonthepromenade

#2. Beets

Source: Little Yellow WheelBarrow

#3. Blueberries

Source: Espoma

#4. Kale

Source: All- America Selections

#5. Carrots

Source: MyDomaine

#6. Pumpkins

Source: Garden.eco

#7. Tomato

Source: Petitti Garden Centers

#8. Chives

Source: gardenofjojo

#9. Spinach

Source: boricuaplantmama

#10. Lemon Balm

Source: bloomandglean

#11. Garlic

Source: Clean Green Simple

#12. Chilli Peppers

Source: EatingWell

#13. Mint

Source: Better Homes&Gardens

#14. Potatoes

Source: Gardener’s Path

#15. Radishes

Source: Clean Green Simple

#16. Sage

Source: Herbalwise Holdings

#17. Summer Squash

Source: Clean Green Simple

#18. Thyme

Source: The Kitchen Herbs

#19. Rosemary

Source: Gardening Know How

#20. Cucumbers

Source: HGTV

#21. Egg Plant

Source: Garden.eco

#22. Choy Sum

Source: Freepik

#23. Lettuce

Source: Plant Instructions

#24. Water Cress

Source: Gardening etc

#25. Coriander

Source: Balcony Garden Web


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