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25 Creative Mason Jar Art Projects

by Marry Dell

If you have a mason jar in your fridge and you want to transform it into something beautiful, you are reading the right article. These used cans can be used for so much more than preserving and pickling, one of which is decoration! From wall-hanging decorations and flower vases to planters, these handy jars are ideal for brightening up your living space both indoors and outdoors on the cheap.
25 Creative Mason Jar Art Projects
After reading the post, you will know that there’s truly no limit when it comes to the amount of creative Mason jar decor ideas. Making them will help you have a chance to keep your small hands occupied with cool science experiments and easy art projects right at the home. Also, the glass jars lend an authentic feel to the rustic DIY decor in your home. Starting to collect your old mason jars and make your own version!

#1 Hanging Jar Wall Decor

Source: Weheartit

#2 Romantic Solar DIY Fairy Decor Light

Source: Cloudlmusic

#3 Painted Mason Jar Flower Vase

Source: Etsy

#4 Beach-Themed Home Decor Idea

Source: Instagram

#5 Lovely Indoor Succulent Planter

Source: Articulo.mercadolibre

#6 Mason Jar Luminaries

Source: Empressofdirt

#7 Fairy Garden In A Jar Terrarium

Source: Jenny

#8 Cozy Summer Decor

Source: Pinterest

#9 DIY Outdoor Lantern

Source: Pinterest

#10 Modern Decorative Glass Mason Jar Flower Vases with Copper

Source: Mygift

#11 Fall Decoration

Source: Scrapbookexpo

#12 Mason Jar Night Light Christmas

Source: Etsy

#13 A Mini Mason Jar Terrarium

Source: Thespruce

#14 Farmhouse Decor For An Authentic Look

Source: Theflooringgirl

#15 Country Front Porch Welcome Sign

Source: Pinterest

#16 Spiral Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: Pinterest

#17 Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#18 Rustic Home Decor With Mason Jar And Old Frame

Source: Hometalk

#19 Mason Jar Flower Centerpiece

Source: Weddingomania

#20 Another Mason Jar Wall Sconces With Wood Slice

Source: Happydealhappyday

#21 Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkins

Source: Craftymorning

#22 Fall Table Decor

Source: Lilblueboo

#23 A Jingle Bell Jar

Source: Theinspiredroom

#24 Mason Jar Photo Centerpieces

Source: Momof6

#25 Hanging Jar Lantern Patio

Source: Pinterest

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