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25 Striking Water Feature Ideas On The Front Yard

by Marry Dell

#11 Rock Water Feature

Image Credits: Houzz

#12  Another Rock Water Feature Idea

Image Credits: Landscapeconnection

#13 Lush Grasses and Purple Blooms With A Water Fountain

Image Credits: Hgvt

#14 A Small Water Garden In A Giant Blue Eggshell

Image Credits: Flickr

#15 A Water Feature For Walkway

Image Credits: Cosdesign

#16 Fountain Pots

Image Credits: Binged

#17 Add A Mini Fire Pit To Water Feature

Image Credits: Aquascapeinc

#18 A Small DIY Water Fountain

Image Credits: Safaffect

#19 A Small Water Feature To Add Dimension To The Front Yard

Image Credits: Flickr

#20 Easy Outdoor Water Features

Image Credits: Bhg

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