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25 Easy And Simple Ideas To Decor Window Sill

by Marry Dell

When it comes to decorating the home, too many times we forget the details of our house, like a window sill. Maybe you don’t know that window sills are one of those places you can get creative. Even, they can become not only functional but a beautiful focal point or an accent in the interior of the room. Check out these 25 Easy And Simple Ideas To Decor Window Sill making them more stylish than ever in leisure time.
25 Easy And Simple Ideas To Decor Window Sill
Whether you live in a private house or in an apartment, you should use the living space in a creative way. There are so many wonderful, adorable ways to decorate them you can choose from. These ideas do not require any investment other than time for fantasy and experimenting with right in your living space. From storing books to house plants, window sill shelves are fantastic for maximizing the space in your home, they are collected for you. Most are easy to make to inspire your next home decor project. After reading, we hope that you will find the one you love and suit your window sill.

#1 Window Plant Shelf

Source: Beautifulviews

#2 Plastic Bottle Planters Near Window Sill

Source: Pinterest

#3 Small Hanging Indoor Herb Gardens

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Place DIY A Frame Plant Stand

Source: Katrinablair

#5 Houseplant Display On Window Sill

Source: Catesthill

#6 DIY Floating Window Plant Shelf

Source: Grillo-designs

#7 Tiny Herb Ladder Vertical Garden

Source: Hunker

#8 Flowers And Plants Display On The Kitchen Window Sill

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#9 Growing Fresh Herbs Indoor In Front Of The Window

Source: Ikea

#10 Hanging Succulent Planters

Source: Pinterest

#11 Delicious Herbs Indoors on a Sunny Window Sill

Source: Bhg

#12 A Small Cactus Garden And Vine Houseplant Displays

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#13 Farmhouse Kitchen Windowsill Decor With Grass

Source: Exquisitelyunremarkable

#14 DIY Cut Flower Vases

Source: Pinterest

#15 Window Sill Decor With Candle

Source: Sandramonacophoto

#16 A Small Garden With Succulent Pots

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#17 Painted Bottle Vases For Cut Flowers

Source: Cupcakesandcashmere

#18 Christmas Window Lighting Idea

Source: Epdesignlab

#19 Kitchen Window Sill With A Touch Of Fall Decor

Source: Julie Saunders

#20 A Living Wreath On The Window Sill

Source: Ana Rosa

#21 Book Nook On The Windowsill

Source: Coveteur

#22 Cozy Reading Nook

Source: Boredpanda

#23 Vine Plant To Add Green Space For Window Sill

Source: Buzzfeed

#24 Create A Simple Desk Space On The Windowsill

Source: Katrinaleechambers

#25 Family Photos Displayed On The Window Sill

Source: Pinterest

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